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YOUTUBE VIEWS - Free method bebi pliz.
Hey I just wanted to share a method I found of getting free youtube views.

This method is very simple and gets you free views on your youtube videos.

STEP 1: Go to (thats my referee link but if you wana be a deck you can go to hitleap directly)

STEP 2: Create an account using an email and password, if you insist use a fake email or a password you dont usually use, although it is a fairly trusted site.

STEP 3: Download their client, run it, log in, press start. This will now start going to loads of random websites (dw its safe) to earn you traffic points.

STEP 4: Go to the hitleap site again and go to your traffic section and enter the website you want traffic directed to. I pasted in a link to one of my youtube videos and set the timer for 20-30 seconds per viewer.

STEP 5: Minimise the app and leave it forever, its a super effective way of getting free traffic and it only takes a minute to set up. Doesnt cost shit.

EXCHANGE RATIO: Simply put, if you spend 10 minutes on someone elses website, you will get 7 minutes traffic directed to your own site. Premium gets you a 1:1 ratio, although the free is more than sufficient.

+REP me if you liked this 9/11 dlc.  Id appreciate if you used my referral link.


[Image: 312217-1yNgIR1420439800.png]
This is no longer working for Youtube videos
Yeah its not working but it works good with ptp sites.
Not working for youtube

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