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Xtremefish.RS | #1 Runescape&RSPS Phishing Panel | SSL Certificates | DB Lookup
[Image: NCTDl9z.jpg]
We also have phishers for  biggest RSPS's and will take your suggestions but if you want an additional server added just message us

Servers we currently support

[Image: AgY6H8D.png]
All our links have SSL Certificates/ https and we are currently the only panel in the market to provide this
[Image: DlaDyX3.png]
See who's on your link before they log in right from the logs page
[Image: pr1vlC4.png]
Database Lookup
[Image: fndUXab]
We actually have the latest login page to maximize the amount of logs and profit that you can make and we are the only panel to have ssl certificates on every link green lock secure on every browser
[Image: AcYGqMQ.jpg]
I've also lately got into RS-phising. Do you know if your guide is OSRS compatible or not? If so I'd gladly buy this phising panel.
(06-22-2017, 12:18 PM)Hiei Wrote:  I've also lately got into RS-phising. Do you know if your guide is OSRS compatible or not? If so I'd gladly buy this phising panel.

Yes we as a matter of fact this service is 100% compatible with OSRS as we have a old school runescape phishing links section with the direct login page.

[Image: 9mOcqST.png]

If you have a further questions don't hesitate to pm me or add my skype
Do you guys have email templates for spreading? Or do you guys offer spreading guides? Smile
Extremely interested but the website seems to be offline. Please contact me thru skype @ [email protected] (my skype)
I can vouch for this program. 100% worth if you are intending to Phish Rs accounts.
If you're thinking of spending money on this service... The owner of this will steal logs if you're doing well, if you find he's stealing your logs and then decide to change to a new panel he'll then report your pages and attempt to ddos you aswel as tag your videos. I've had a lot of trouble with Edward after paying to use his service, I have more screenshots if anyone needs more proof from what's below. PM me if you need a free panel or want a free guide on how to set up your own page. If you pay to use this service you'll then have people tagging your method and stopping you from making money until Edwards stops doing it to people.

[Image: 2psm9as.png]
[Image: 10pdnq1.png]
Bump still up and running new temporary domain is link to our official discord group is and also feel free to contact me on skype: edward10432 discord: Edward#8181
Looks like a good tool
Used before vouch! :D

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