World War III...very soon...
by Astro numbers - September 21, 2021 at 09:57 PM
Hello. I have info  when will start WW3...
Are you interested in THIS...???

I will provide some information SOON.

It's only first "info"...
I have about Trump, AZB and AR war in 2020-09-27 (07:30 start)...
I would like to see some PoC on this subject. please!
I wish i understood what you typed?

what exactly do you mean
when electricty for lifesupport ends, like in 50-200years
Are you saying World War 3? You know when it will start and how?

Or just time period roughly? Eitherway would love to hear lol

welcome to the forums
Can you clarify what is ww3 ? This sound dangerous

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