With or without ice?
by mastergerber - January 09, 2020 at 06:51 AM
Depends if the drink is already chilled and if I want it watered down. Usually not though.
depends on the drink tbh , i love ice in tea and soda
Depends on the drink normally i dont have ice with soda makes it water down too much also you lose like 40% of the drink
cocktail with ice, the rest smooth

apart from summer ...
With ice in almost anything except milk. I don't know why but milk with ice is oddly freaking disturbing and disgusting.
with ice of course I prefer it cold
with ice because if it alchohol its too strong and if its soda its never cold enough for me
Depends what and from where

If I'm getting like a cup of coke from McDonalds or some shit, you wanna go with no ice because then you get more coke for your money.

But if you're just drinking at home, then it's not like you're going to lose any coke if you throw a couple of cubes in there
100% without ice for everything. Hate when ice melts and waters down what I'm drinking. Would much rather just have my drink more warm then watered down.
soda def with ice. Warm soda just tastes horrible like warm beer
it definitely depends on the drink and time of year
with ice in summer, without ice in winter

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