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Will bitcoin reach to 25k?
Anyone with a brain saw this coming....
That high rise last year non stop? it had to come low again and stabilize....
it will go up again in time, you just wont get your lambo this year...
Maybe it will, it's just that it's having a bad time at the moment.
i honestly dont think it will get that high again, i think it will hover around 10k, maybe 15
Anything is possible, what matters though is when. I highly doubt it will be this year, but it's definitely eventually going to happen again.
Imo, never. It'll go high, it'll go low, but it won’t go 25k.
If it will be not regulate by any governments and laws that will be easily possible.
I don't think it will ever go that high... its not something I would like to invest in
I believe the markets will return as soon regulations are in and institutional investors join the game. Too much going on with these technologies.
bitcoins will be worthless soon i think.

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