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Will ISIS Ever Stop?
The Most Dangerous Terrorist Clan Stop?
It’ll die out. Look at Al-Queada and the Talibans.... ISIS gets far more press coverage than it deserves.
You can't stop an ideology!
Yea ofc Isis won`t even be talked about in 10 years Besides we are on the verge of a war America threatened russia recently and france and england are ready to assist The us The allies will be back but russia is allied with china and iran and syria so if a war breaks out it will be devestating but than North europe And central europe which is Germany, Italy etc will Join forces with the us.
if russia goes to war isis will keep doing things to try get attention
I don't think they will stop. They can only be stopped, but that's will be a very long story.
They will simply find new safe havens.
^ with their 72 virgins
One of Bin Laden's boys is about done being groomed and will be announced as the new leader of some raghead faggotry. Will whoever ever have land again like they did in Afgahnistan and Syria? I don't think so. Probably more Western attacks however. One of two really horrible acts. Probably some shit intelligence guys know about and let happen though because it serves some greater purpose like this or that war or domestic restrictions on travel and commerce and of course, more spying. Backdoored encryption is constantly pushed. Supposedly the EU is going to have some new biometric id card under the guise of 'terrorism' and organized crime but that of course is just the pretext.
Obummer couldn't handle those pssies, but Mr. Trump will kick there asses!
They've been on the back foot for a long time and will get squashed even more so. They claim responsibility for every thing because of how desperate they are
Most movements like that die down as soon as the spotlight shifts. They could stay as a local insurgency in some countries if counter terrorism operations are halted but they have moved too much into the global public eye to actually succeed in holding any territory for a prolonged period of time.

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