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Why the hell not...
Hi, my name is ThomasTheDankEngine420justblaz, and I am an internet addict.
Been on forums since i was a skid (literally since I was 6)
Love forums. They are lyfe. Internet also.
I am here to destroy twitch Rftechponys because they are cancer.
Am a streamer mahself, but i am seriously not going to ever give my info out. (fuck that)
I am a dank meme slut.
I am anonymouse.
I am legion. I am aids. I do always frogeht. I am cancer in a bundle. I have no life. I am a Rftechponygot. I am poor as a nigger. Buy me shit Cynda. Kappa . 
Welcome @ThomasTheDankEngine420justblaz To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

welcome. read the rules and have fun.

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