Why still jailbreak?
by 6ifniCBwzUCZYWHE - 07-08-2017, 03:35 AM
So I can just drag and drop files like a usb drive without needing itunes. I can go to a friends and plug it in like a usb stick.
I haven't bother to find a way to jailbreak mine since iOS 10. Unless you're a power user who can understand and benefit from doing so then go for it, otherwise...there's no reason to do it anymore IMO, not to mention potential risks when using unsigned app form unapproved 3rd parties.
If you are into security testing you need a jailbroken phone for serious app testing. Especially when on the bug bounty platforms like Hacker One and BugCrowd. You can make quite a bit of pocket money testing apps and app APIs but you really need rooted and jailbroken devices.
i believe this is not available any more, i dont know. You know that i was one of the first in my country to do jailbreak to a phone?

and after that i jailbreaked the phone to a friend. I was very scary since the phone got stucked during the process!

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