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Why i'm here
!I'm not that new but i'm still a new fag!

The reason i'm here is because I want to help new fags start there raiding. Raidforums is the best place to post new raids help people dox and help them get free porn accounts. The community is just so amazing.

I first wanted to be part of the Raidforums community when I started to get into raids on twitch I still remember the best raid I ever was in and all this happend because of Raidforums.

If your starting on Raidforums just now I would advice you get your self ready for the best raiding forum ever 
Welcome @RAIDNATION To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome, don't be a shithead and you'll be kk(k)
Yo, nice colors, love it.

Have fun on the forums! You don't seem all that bad Heart
Welcome to RF, don't be a skid and you'll be fine.
Welcome please don't be retarded and read the rules!
Welcome! It is a good community, just don't act like a fucktard and people won't fuck with you.
Welcome to rf, have fun on here.
I like your profile picture hope it's your own ass. Welcome to RF.
Welcome! dont be a cunt Heart Kappa
I like this post

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