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Why are you racist/is anyone part of the KKK at all?
If you take Racism seriously kys
DUDE ITS A PRANK!!! | All that needs to be said...
If you think the racism on here is serious and not meant as a joke, you need to 
[Image: bc9.gif]
(09-29-2015, 12:46 AM)DrCocktor Wrote:  Im not racist, I think RaidForums should be a safe place for everybody.  I do not tolerate racism on this website

>looks at comment
>looks at rep
Racism is split into two groups: A joke; non-acting, non-violent, non-effecting racism and pure ignorant racism, those who truly believe in racial inferiority. I'd put myself the in (latter) former.

The Ku Klux Klan, notably, isn't exactly a "hate group:, as it claims, but rather a "white superiority" clan because the white people are tired of dealing with everything in the world, despite being a minority in many countries. You want racism and hate, you're looking for the Westboro Baptist Church.
I don't think anyone here is seriously SUPER racist. But honestly, I dislike black people that try to act ghetto and sag their pants.

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