Why are you here
by zonzonleraton - 01-18-2019, 06:27 PM
Hey guys !
I was wondering what were you all looking for in this forum.

I guess leaks mostly ?
I came here for the leaks and for pentesting, but i don't see much things about pentesting (I mean, DDoS, Botnets, E-whoring, etc... is not pentesting (I dont want to offend nobody)). So i guess i'm here only for the dbs at the moment :S
If people start talking about cool things, like bgp hijacking, buffer overflows, etc... I guess i'll be here for that!
Yes, 1TB leak database.
i'm here for DB leaks :D. just for taking a look
I came for the chicken, stayed for shoutbox
Seems to be a good forums...
I ask myself this question everyday. I'm here looking for intelligent life, someone who knows real useful data from bull-shit like porn, games, videos, friggin' stupid emails & or phone numbers that change daily. Worse yet, the morons who fuck with people just so they can laugh while playing with themselves. Uncool shit. I would love to see someone hack into a real database & steal some USEFUL files with BIRTHDAYS or SSN's that are bigger than a few hundred lines. Voter lists would be real useful, especially the hard to get states. Even the Mexico hack would be real handy for me. Any old data, historical things are very useful, even CD's that were once easy to get back in the 1990's & are floating around in the universe somewhere. That is why I'm here, not to play with most bull-shit that people in the 4th grade are doing. Kids today know computers, but have no concept of what is or is not valuable. Any asshole can watch porn & play with themselves, try doing it with a real woman sometime. Its more fun that way. If by chance you happen to run across what I want, shoot me a line. Thanks!
I'm here to look for geting married for UK passport with an offer giving an EU passport.
Checking out intressing db stuff
(01-20-2019, 11:40 AM)l1l1 Wrote: I'm here to look for geting married for UK passport with an offer giving an EU passport.

I am from Zimbabwe I am looking for European girls.
Actually... I came here to learn how to cook
they said you have gingers here

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