Why are we looking for a leader
by Maxim Gorky - May 10, 2021 at 04:41 PM
The first savior figure most of us know is the father at home. Again, most of us grow up hearing the phrase from our father: "I will not always be!" Although this is expressed as a reminder and a warning, it contains a threat. It contains both a threat and a feeling that we would be vulnerable without our father. Since this situation seems quite common to us in our childhood, we do not dwell on it too much. However, this word whispered in our ears as a child appears again in another time, in another relationship.
There is no longer a father, this time the leader or savior stands before us. That phrase from our childhood is expressed this time by the leader or savior. Even though it is more aesthetized, it is more threatening than our father expressed it; It is ideological and implicitly advises to surrender, to swear allegiance and not to question.
The way to be in absolute power is to convince the community over which it is desired to be dominated that it is nothing, that it was created by the leader / savior from nothing, and that it will be nothing without a leader / savior. If this ideological hegemony over the community is achieved, the rest is not difficult at all.
Once the ideological hegemony is established, whatever the leader / savior does, whatever is done is accepted by the community without question.
Even if we accept for a moment the idea that "the community cannot survive without a leader / savior", it is also the fault of the leader / savior. Because it is the leader who renders the society / community unwilling and who objectifies his mind and initiative by putting them under mortgage. Because here is the way for the leader to convince the society to obey.
Of course, the statement that society / community cannot survive without a leader / savior is a lie. As Engels put it, “Napoleon was a military dictator necessary for the exhausted French Republic. But if it hadn't been for Napoleon, someone else would have assumed his role. Such people are always present when necessary. Indeed, the fact that the necessary man: Caesar, Augustus, Cromwell or someone else has been present every time, proves that this is the case. "
Are you a major in philosophy?
(May 10, 2021 at 04:49 PM)Sosolapute Wrote: Are you a major in philosophy?
Can t say Im an expert, Im just interested
No, he's a follower of a mentally ill commie with a lisp.
Can't argue with words you didn't read
In My opinion , now days only Sheeps need leaders!

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