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Why We Raid
Many people find Raid Forums to be a cruel place full of racists and mean people that only seek entertainment by releasing people's personal information, DDoSing, and deleting system files off of their computers. I, being a forumer, can assure you that non of the above is true. Below I will explain why.

Why we interact the way we do with people under 18:
Here at Raid Forums the only thing we focus on is helping people. Psht, Helping people? All you guys to is aim to hurt! I can prove that statement to be false. We aim for the younger streamers to give a statement that they should not be putting themselves out there as much as they do.
Why would we attempt to delete System32 of these young kids? Simple! To teach them to go outside, interact with people besides who all reside on the internet. We delete System32 with their best interests in mind, we hope to give them a second chance at a social life!
Why do we Dox underage children? Again, simple! We release all of this information, not in hopes of people sending hookers, or pizza, but in hopes that friendly people from all over the internet go to their house and hang out with them! We're practically doing the kids a giant favor!
Why do we DDoS? This may be the most easily answerable question of them all. To get them outside. Our intentions of DDoSing are to take down their internet to motivate them to go outside more often, it's like parental timers but for their internet!

Why we interact with people above 18:
Most of the answers here are the same as the section above, we attempt to get them out more. Not only do we hope that they gain a more active social life, but we hope to make them become more productive. We understand most people stream in their free time, and some for careers. We try to aim for the people who stream in their free time to get them off of their internet and hopefully go make the world a better place! We delete their System32 for the same reason as listed above, we Dox for the same reason listed above, and we DDoS for the same reason listed above. We treat both ages equally but with slightly different intentions for the older users.

I hope this helped you understand Raid Forums a bit more!
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