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Why Hello There
I have been watching Twitch raids for a few months now on Youtube, and I wish to make people regret playing Roblox and Minecraft. I'm 16 years old, which I believe to be a very nice age for trolls to start trolling, don't you think?

Any tips you want to give me is very helpful, so thank you. And I would be greatful if you would answer this: What threads should I go to so I may be a part in raids?
Welcome @PustulusMaximus To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Shouldn't you be playing like minecraft or something skid? Anyways read the rules and don't act like a little fucken autist, especially for your age, if you follow the rules you will be fine. Dont do anything stupid,welcome to RF!
Whalecum to Raidforums Kappa, try not to be autistic as fuq and have fun.
Don't be a dick and make sure you're familiar with the rules.
Have fun.

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