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Why Do You Love Anime
Yeah. I love Anime. Because, they're very beautiful
I Like Anime because i 'm Lolicon :D
It makes me to remember childhood whenever watched anime. Acctually i prefer manga than.
Beautiful picture, especial is japan's enime
Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Dai is a Japanese manga based in the video game series Dragon Quest. It was originally created as a two-chapter short story titled "Derupa! Iruiru!"
I would like to find anime similar to Angel's egg. I have see a lot of anime that is somewhat similar, like Magnetic Rose
Anime was always epic, a kind that you don't get to see in any other places. Besides, the way Japanese makes city scenery is ultimately awesome!
'cause it's great, these power,imagination,cute chars make me really entertain
(04-14-2018, 01:33 PM)abodigamer Wrote:  I Don't Like Anime that much but im cures to Know Why Do You Like It

Because anime made me entertained.
my childhood read a lot of manga and watched anime i love that
Because they are very beautiful and lovely.
3D women are gross, stinky vaginas and shit. Yuck, miss me with that shit.

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