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Who is...
who is ur favourite staff member
Sem is the best.
i have an order:
old order: hawk, you, deployed, naine, weeb

but then you said you prefer techno over me :(

new order: hawk, deployed, naine, weeb, you

you hurt my feels mayne :((((((

sem and hisoka arnt on the list because they are too cool

@Cryptiq and @techpony11
Techpony isnt a staff member FALSE ANSWER B& Kappa
Oh damn, I have a few.... here goes

Dad (Hiyori), Sem, September_11_2001, Deployed, Muqi
My favorites are @[VIP] Deployed then @Weeaboo Slayer then @[GOD] Hawk
Dan and Van fam. IDK it's Wednesday.
Weeaboo, september, you and dad (not in any order)
@Summit , @Celaeon, @HitlerØmac, @EternalSunnyD and @techpony11

/s(Weeaboo Slayer is Bae)
@Naine Levon is the best Fam Heart
Cryptiq, Naine, Deployed. The Top Three Keklers

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