Who hates one piece too ?
by StupidCracker2020 - July 28, 2020 at 02:23 PM
as someone who is caught up with one piece, don't do it, it's at best "just ok", i'm only watching so that i didn't waste my time Tongue
no i love it... its perfect.. Smile
It's not possible to dislike it if you give it a chance and actually build a love for the characters. It has such a deep story it definitely takes time.
Now it's 11 pages, nice trolling
I dont hate it but its wayyy too slow paced ...
Its to crazy for me. Just my 2ct.
I certainly do, the producers just do it for the $ at this point.
Tried watching it actually, hate it coz there's a million episodes to catch up.
yessir i hate it with a passion yall tell me why you hate it
me too
too much longer to me
I never got into it. The artwork didn't look appealing. Pirate-themed stuff isn't interesting to me either.
I hated it at first too. You just got to get used to it. Force yourself to watch the first 20/30 episodes and then you'll love it. The stupidness of the art style and the stereotypical Sun Wukong-esque main character is part of the appeal

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