Who do you think will die in "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"
by Joker00091 - April 06, 2018 at 09:36 AM
I think that it will die Vision because there was information about this somewhere.
or may be its will be the captain americe
maybe vision dont like him anyways
Batman and spiderman will die together
u cant kill any hero with a movie
so mabe vision will die
Ha ha, Now I know that. I know that because the movies is released in cinema.
warning spoilers Kappa

half of of everything in the universe
I'm a big fan of all the serie. This one is really good, no doubt about it
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Well to be fair, I think there might be lady death involved and the roles between the living or dead reversed, its either that or alternate timeline?
I will feel extremely cheated if they just find some cheap way like using the tombstone to reverse everything.
Also wth happened to thanos? he got teleported to some unknown place? or did he die? wth?
Great movie. I just watch in cinema yesterday. But..no spoilers.
No spoiler. But to be honest, I think Iron Man will die.
i think the old characters will tbh since their contracts are over after this movie iirc

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