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Which movie was your favorite?
Redline, it is an over the top nitro-fueled wacky races in space anime with a great OST & animation quality as well as having an overall nice sense of style that took Madhouse years to make.
Doctor Stange is the best movie ever
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Im like Naruto, for me better
i liked the one piece movies
Ghost in the Shell is good.
Howl's Moving Castle
ill tell you what it wasn't..... the live action dragonball movie blah
Bakemono no ko. Only end of this movie sucks...
I love Naruto, Best movie ever :D
Death note oVA was decent
Your Name, but the Cowboy Bebop one is a close second.
It was Spirited Away for quite a long time, until Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa) was released, its awesome, I recommend it to everyone.

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