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Which Linux Distro Should I Use For Learning Linux
I would say Ubuntu or Mint for sure.
And although its my own opinion, stay away from RHEL systems.
RedHat slanders the whole fucking concept of linux by charging for its systems.
arch ftw. start there, will save you rebuild and migrate in a few months.
Starting out first choice in selecting a Distro in the world of Linux I would recommend Ubuntu to new users, its not too technical and its now one of the most popular supported Distro's. A few years ago I would of recommended Lindows or FreeSpire to DieHard Windows users as they are very similar to Windows. However Kali 2.0 is also a good choice as a majority of pentest tools are there already so there is no need to spend hours upon hours downloading programs, scripts and source codes etc. All the hard work has already been done for you.

Be sure though to checkout
they list a lot of Linux distro's so its worth checking that out.

But before you make any descisions why not try a LiVE Distro first as they can be booted directly off portable storage & media are bootable off usb, cd, dvd, etc.

Alternatively if you have some old kit stored away then why not dig it out and give a new lease of life by bringing it back from the dead and unused and install a copy of Linux on it like LXLE, Lubuntu, Arch bang, Linux Lite, PepperMint, Trisquel, Manjaro, Sparky Linux, Elive, AntiX, etc. If your looking for a Distro with Mac OSX in mind then look no further and take a look at Peach OSi.

Best of Luck!

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