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Which Linux Distro Should I Use For Learning Linux
I'm curious of what a good Linux distro is for begginner to linux
everything depends on what you want to do in linux .... I started with lubuntu and ubuntu.
Everyone should start with Ubuntu
if you don't know anything about linux, choose linux mint or pclinuxos.
if you know something, choose ubuntu.
Either Ubuntu or Mint will give a you a good start in Linux. The desktop that came with both distros are very easy to learn.
Ubuntu is a start if you wanna learn some shit.

But Kali Linux, if you really want to go way advance and fuck shit up.
arch is good for light installs.  so custom, but you need to know what you doing so maybe work up.  debian is a good base also, same as ubuntu.
My first distro was Ubuntu and I liked it
definitely Ubuntu or Mint
ubunto or the smaller version "Lubunto"
My journey began with Gentoo Linux 17 years ago. That was the most wrong thing to do. If you want to be hold by hand, grab Ubuntu. It's very well documented, you have a lot of wiki pages, you have quite a supporting community, and it also has a pretty user friendly interface.
If you'd like to try something a little bit more Linux-y like, try Fedora.
Hardest thing I found when using Linux for the first time was actually installing it.

Ubuntu installation is 90% automated, so I'd suggest that, it's plain sailing from there.

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