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Where do I get fast Elite Proxies?
Proxies that actually work for a change.
There is 2 tools that gets you elite proxies and good proxies. GatherProxy and uProxy one of my favorites.
How do those tools work? Do they scan for proxies or pull them from sources?
If you're cheap: use masscan or similar for common http/socks proxy ports. Verify the results.

Otherwise, people sell curated lists. Those are usually semi-reliable.
(04-25-2017, 07:25 AM)plastic Wrote:  How do those tools work? Do they scan for proxies or pull them from sources?

I recommend GatherProxy, works good.

GatherProxy Scraper harvests thousands of fresh proxies from over 300 websites. We update the list daily to make sure those sites also update their proxies daily. You can also extract proxies from more top sites.
thanks for gatherproxy bookedmarked it, im learning every sec on this site

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