When is it a good time to go into Bitcoin?
by honeypotter - 11-16-2017, 04:12 AM
Grab a time machine and head back to like 2009, when they were like $29 per btc.
nver to late altough altcoin investing will be more profitable.
I would buy asap. it may dip, but hold onto it. it will rise.
It's a deflationary currency rather than inflationary like the federal reserve, limited amount of bitcoins = just keeps going up... so better get in now.
Maybe try investing in other coins
NOW is the best time to get into bitcoin.
It's too late for that... but, if you have alot of money, you can still buy few bitcoins.. now, they are about $10,000 but Bill Gates said that in some years, bitcoin will be $100,000. That's what I've heard Tongue
It's most likely too late to see any of the INSANE gains that people talk about now adays (unless you have enough money to start with) , but as far as a long haul investment there is still tons of opportunity
it's not too late, the crypto is a global market, which on is based on demand, you must invest, you're gonna see exponential gains in long run

but wait to get into, now it's overbought, buy bitcoin in next few days when it's 1 BTC = USD 8000, of course, buy what you have, 20 usd, 50 usd and invest an amount by month, straight and forward
Many people will say your too late, but honestly if the price goes up to 40,000 which many 'experts' predict by the end of 2018, then getting in at 10,000 is not late by any means.
I'd advise to only get in what what you can afford to loose. In all honesty the price could crash any moment after hitting the 10k milestone.
probably whenever, but it's a chancy thing cause the value of it may not increase as much as it has
eh its like getting raped in prison the results will vary and the degree to which ur asshole will be loose and gaping is unknown, just dont be an idiot like ice and invest in a shit ton of ethereum right before it crashes

also: BBC is much more fun than BTC

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