Whats your kink ? :-D
by yogh - July 22, 2019 at 03:28 PM
Well yeah, a community as big and active as we are, there are many different tastes of kink and personal fetishes. I am just curious, whats your favorite kink for basic or totally arousement? And how do you deal with that ones your partner doesn´t (mustn't  Biggrin ) even know about ?

Here are mine :
  • daddy daughter (of course not in reality, but as a fantasy it´s pretty nice Blush )
  • erotic dancing / striptease
  • impregnating (willing and unwilling)
  • girl wearing socks (yeah, dunno why but socks and footsies are driving me crazy)
  • young girls with small / tiny breast (no, i´m NOT pedophile !! but everything beyond a b cup is as attractive as a hand full of dirt to me .. everything beneath.. Blush Tongue raawr.. dunno why)
well my girl has a c cup and hates socks in bed, so i´m kinda fucked outside my head ^^

now i'm curious what you`re all into  Biggrin
i like the rape game and bondage stuff
for me they must have big boobs and big ass
Choking, breathplay, biting, rough sex, wearing lingerie, being degraded, wearing a collar, being tied up, sex in public, being watched having sex, being dominated, being spanked, distracting people when they're supposed to be working, having sex with people I'm not supposed to like my boss or someone who's having an affair, calling my partner daddy or master, the list just goes on...

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