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What was your first Graphic Card
For me it was Geforce 2.
I think it was ATI radeon 5500HD, what a beast machine. Before that it was all about them integrated GPUs.
Geforce mx440 i bount it around 2003
First "Real" GPU that I got for a PC was a GT730, then went for a GTX970
Nvidia GT 620, still use it to this day
some integrated intel one, then nvidia gtx 760
integrated intel graphics ofc looool
as far as I remember, it was 2003, and card was ATI Radeon 9700
my first graphics card was a gtx 650ti about 5 years ago
Integrated, I don't even remember what it's called.
GeForce 2 MX. It was good enough to run Aquanox, but it lost the battle as GTA 3 released. I then got a GeForce FX 5600. It was shit, but it was ok to run GTA 3, so I was satisfied.
gtx 960m lol in a laptop

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