What was your first CPU?
by Montrealrigger - August 03, 2017 at 04:28 AM
Some pentium one lol. Now I've a FX 8350
amd phenom ii x4 830 and then the door opened to actually find out what good processors were.
No fucking idea, I had windows 2000 on my first computer
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I'm not sure. I think it was an Intel pentium or celeron CPU..
Pentium I cyrix processor 133 mhz
a7 I think 560k very bad
My first CPU was some emmm... i dont know 
how u know your cpu !?
Pentium I - 100 MHz
Ram: 16MB
HDD: 1.2 GB
No CD ROM or Sound card
Phillips 14' 104b CRT monitor Wink
Pentium I cyrix processor 133 mhz as well
my first cpu where I really did some "technical" stuff on was a 700mhz pentium
386SX, Toshiba monochrome laptop, childhood memories. Windows 3.11 was quite slow there, that was an age of good DOS programs. Remember drawing with parents tables in documents using ascii pseudographics, and then trying to have them look pretty when printed.

Trying.. to stop...  Then was a long epoch of a standard 486 (mine was AMD [email protected] Win95 ok, 98 very slow. Starcraft is possible on the smallest maps, Fallout 2 unfortunately not. Another problem was 640x480 monitor, as many games wanted 800x600 already at the very end of 90th-2000... 

... Finally stopped myself from writing further, that's too much nostalgia
I dont even know I dont know much about computers you see.

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