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What to do with a dox?
What is a Dox?

Personal information.

Pizza Bombs:

Get behind a proxy.
Go to some pizzeria that allows delivering from the web like Dominos

The food is delivered to the target's place of residence, where they will have to deal with a delivery order from you.

Box Floods:
Create an account on USPS
Go to the USPS's Store and order all the free boxes or mailing envelopes.
Confirm the street address and purchase them.
The maximize of ordering packs on a single account is 20.

Meet up's

There's a website that allows you to plan parties and bunch of hippies go to the slave's house thinking that there is a party.
That is this.

Sending Mail in real life:
Go to a post office, say you are moving, or you are new to the area and need to redirect your mail temporally. They will give you an envelope or postcard to fill out and drop in any mailbox. To the best I know, there is no checking done on the part of the USPS. A good tactic is to make the envelopes look official with the logos and such of your victims local council/government/tax office/police station.

Free Tampons

If the slave likes tampons, why don't we send them some? These kind of deliveries are annoying to a lot of people.
Send Free Tampons!

Post that "you" are having a garage sale. You are moving and everything needs to go out. You'll have an HDTV or Motorcycle there for $50, a stereo set for $100 and many other cheap ass high-end things. Steal pictures off the internet of "your items". Enter your slave's address, and choose a date over the weekend. On those days your slave will have strangers coming to his/she house constantly asking for cheap stuff. Sometimes even the POLICE gets involved. Why? Police track down thefts. If your slave is selling a bunch of high end merchandise, it's likely the police will check those out.

Go to Craigslist .
Click on the state where the slave is located at.
Go to Services, and under that click Erotic.
Call all the out call escorts-out call means that they come to you and make an appointment with the target.

Ruining a Marriage:
Collect information about a married man that you know. Get a girl to call his house. If the wife answers, hang up. Do this another time. On the third time, ask for the guy. This will cause lots of suspicion. Keep this up for a month and see his marriage ruined.

Purchasing orders:
Take an anonymous prepaid credit card
Buy an anonymous VoIP fax service
Obtain a professional looking form from a print shop
Fax POs through tor
Most companies will ship no questions asked after receiving a PO. Said companies will come after your target and sue them and ruin their credit, and they'll have fucking tons of shit that they don't know what to do with.

dont swat u fucking nerd

reupload, deleted the police things, only just noticed they wos in
this is an exact repost of my tutorials pizza bombing  section fag (link i put in tutorial list all of this)
Ruining a marriage is fucked xD You can also go on craigslist and male 2 male dating. Organise a favour(fuckin blowjobs and anal sex) for now/asap. Watch as your victim gets a fuck tonne of men come to their door wanting sex.
sucky sucky baby, you want this big 2 incher???? i can make it 2.5 if i push down a bit :D

great guide lol
HAhaha OJ some of that shit is Brutal man ruining a marriage kek, Craigslist spam is hilarious tho.
There all good, but the marriage one is fucked...
Moved to tutorials

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