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What's your favorite type of raid?
Completely overtaking the stream, making the person somehow destroys its computer hardware, ddosing, tricking the person into clicking gloryholefoundation or various other links,....

Whatever it is, name it ! (Except if it's the S word you frikkin weirdo)

My personal favorite would be hijacking the stream.
Songrequest to show off my moonstar skills is of course nice too.
Hijacking the stream and making them delete System32 - just did this to It's so fun I do it all the time :D
!songrequest and Stream Hijacking.

With !songrequest, you get to find creative ways to get any short amount of audio you want onto someone's stream by making fake songrequest videos. For example, if you want Niggerz Bop to be played, you disguise it as a song, upload it to Youtube and watch the streamer's reaction as Niggerz Bop unexpectedly plays on their stream.

With Stream Hijacking, you get to come up with your own creative way to break Twitch's rules and take down someone else's stream.
raiding =/= twitch raiding retards

I like massive raids. Like when there's 500 people.
I'd have to say stream hijacking, It gives such a powerfull drug like high when you get some fagots stream key. 

I like also massivley anoying certan phone numbers, Expecial if theres a shit ton of us all hiting the same digits

I wanna see some gmod Nucular reactors exploding
Totally hijacking. Cory in The House. Play that shit all over the stream. best anime 10/10 - ign
!songrequest, System 32, and prank call

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