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What's was your favorite phone?
Simple question, I guess.

For me, it was a Blackberry Pearl. I really liked the combination between size (for the time) and usability. 

Sometimes I find myself pining for phones of the past, I really miss having a tactile keyboard.
I remember when Apple changed the shape of the Iphone and bought out the iphone 6. That was probably my favorite change to phones.
I really like the Galaxy when they first introduced the infinity display
I absolutely loved the blackberry storm.
Galaxy Note 9. Easily the best phone at the moment.
a Xiaomi phones, it's cheapest, and work very fine....
I liked the Nokia 6230 and 6300 pretty much, nowadays I have to say Galaxy S9.
I really like the current gen of Nokia phones, glad they made a comeback albeit with Android
The Iphone 6 drop. Such a good phone at the time and worked so well.
iphone 7 plus because of double cameras ,3D touch and the new button
Motorola e398, optimized by reflashing FW... I soo loved that phone. Still got it, hovewer the charging system is damaged, so its useless :(

[Image: 59hVZcm.jpg]
7 Plus, now XS Max. iOS is too solid.

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