What's some good apps for dehashing
by lopezmania - November 01, 2019 at 12:07 PM
I would like to learn how to crack
hashcat my man, the best CUDA GPU
Clearly hashcat. Note that there is a unofficial GUI out there on hashkiller. Use google.
Hashcat, seems to be the winner here
Have you heard of Hashcat, it's a good place to start
same as above m8
Hashcat is amazing and noob proof
u don't even need to watch any videos, just read the docs
Just use hashcat and get some wordlists
Didn't know about hashcat before, I'm gonna learn and use it. Thank you guys!
use google to research Smile
A (very) good processing unit and hashcat will do the trick
Just use hashcat and get some wordlists
Hashcat perhaps actually the best. But run by defautlt on GPU. It cound be ran on CPU .
Think for beginner the good old John the Ripper may be easier .

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