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What's Raidforum's favorite soda?
What's your favorite kind of soda? Let me know down below!

This is probably mine:

Mountain Dew Voltage. All the dews are good, but this one takes the cake. Gotta love blue raspberry  

[Image: 8415-mtn-dew-voltage.png]

(sorry van i didnt mean to copy your nuleldbb thread didnt even see it kthxbye)
[Image: 533611b.jpg]
A strange one for me - Coca cola It is a beverage i doubt anyone will have heard of but it is extremely nice
I must go with Mountain Dew: Voltage as well.
[Image: mountain_dew_code_red.jpg?itok=gg-DSmgD]

Jk no favorite soda, but this is good.
----mountain dew voltage B O Y Z----
[Image: cb6c0fa75459214f5df89c2a3e03915c.jpg]

[Image: GT.jpg]
I also agree that Mountain Dew: Voltage is probably one of the best sodas I know.
(03-26-2016, 04:15 PM)OsamaAkbar911Jew Wrote:  [Image: GT.jpg]

Mango is my shit

[Image: 680mL-MM-SPN.jpg]
i like cream soda Kappa
[Image: dr_pepper.jpg]
[Image: bigcoke.jpg]
[Image: 31EM5zhA2dL.jpg]

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