What's Behind Google's Enormous $5 Billion Fine from the EU
by dblackwng - July 22, 2018 at 12:52 PM
Wednesday the European Commission levied a record breaking $5 billion (€4.34 billion) fine against Google for breaking antitrust regulations. The fine blames Google for compelling phone manufacturers who use the Android operating system—which is free for use with no fee—to bundle in Google's suite of apps like Google Chrome if they want to include the Google Play store, giving users access to Android's largest official store.
Google plans to appeal the fine, naturally, but the showdown could drastically affect the shape of the mobile web. Here are the basics of what's going on and what it could mean.

How Android gets on your phone
Unlike Apple which makes its own hardware and its own software and sells the two bundled together as the iPhone, Google makes the Android software and provides it essentially for free to unrelated hardware companies who need software for their phone to run.

The underlying framework of Android is open source and completely free, which means anyone can use it without so much as a nod in Google's direction. The catch, however, is that this version of Android does not include access to the Google Play Store, which Google controls more closely. If you want a license to include the Play Store, Google simply requires you to include some of its other apps, like Chrome.
The Play Store is not the only app store available on Android, so it's not mandatory. The FireOS operating system that runs on Amazon's Fire tablets is a modified version of the open-source bones of Android that relies on Amazon's own app store, for instance. But for most phone makers who don't have an alternative, app inclusion can be a small price to pay.
What's more, according to the European Commission's report, Google makes it difficult to not pay that software price.

more content at https://www.popularmechanics.com/technol...antitrust/
I find it weird that you can actually be fined for such a thing. I mean, it's their ecosystem and it's not like obligatory...
Finally a GAFAM get caught by the law…
Name: Android
Developers: Google, Open Handset Alliance

Sued for using their Search as stock.
Actually they were fined because they where forcing manufacters to install chrome and maps by default, otherwise they would have lost google play.
eu going after google while trump going for amazon
(July 23, 2018 at 10:36 PM)FSU89493 Wrote: Actually they were fined because they where forcing manufacters to install chrome and maps by default, otherwise they would have lost google play.

Anyone that installs custom ROM's on a device knows that all google apps come in a bulk. It has been this way for literally years. I can't see the EU winning this case.

No effect on stock lol, they were fined for a retarded reason.
Wow huge fine, but i guess not that huge for company like Google !

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