What programming language do you like?
by Marcelo - January 25, 2020 at 03:08 PM
none of them but I have to use them
i hate any programming language
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I like go, currently learning Rust.
Perl, JavaScript, C++, Lua, Ruby, Go, Java

There are more but I use the first 3 the most.
python all the way. Its worth checking out hackerrank for python challenges.
python is easily my favourite, so versatile
javascript or java cuz im love itt
I prefer Python they have a lot of modules!
C# for quick and managable code. MS is constantly improving it and the support ecosystem / tools are great. Heard .NET Core mitigates some of the cross-platform pain but haven't tried developing with C# on Linux yet. The .NET library support is also great and LINQ is a great addition to the language.

C++ if you want to have full control over everything (especially memory management) and speed.
I like C#, mainly because of its versatility, you can write a website and a game. But mostly because this is the main language of Unity, and I like to write toys. Mostly desktop games and small mobile toys. I advise everyone , very convenient language.
Python of course! Easy to learn and you can do almost everything with it!
(January 26, 2020 at 01:48 AM)sminor9 Wrote: I prefer Python they have a lot of modules!
yes and its super easy  to use Smile))like it

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