What programming language do you like?
by Marcelo - January 25, 2020 at 03:08 PM
i feel like this question comes up alot. you should really start with what you want to do and work backwards from there
I like best C++ and the worst language ever is C#
I love C# because of how easy it is to use. I wish I knew C++ .... I tried learning it once but it was too difficult for my autistic brain. But at least I'm very good at C#
I only can do html and css and now I am trying to learn javascript
I mostly use Go because it's excellent for RAT coding and also good for general hacking. Python is good for backdoor shit only when the env support python, other than that python can be used for anything. For old school stuff I use Perl, C/C++ and OOC. I'm moving to C# malware, while Go malware is versatile, the problem is its compiled payload too large. Last but not least, PHP is a must learn for web app hacking and database processing. Pick up some x86 ASM in your free time, useful for malware development.
php is such a pain in the ass, i think its ugly. python and go were always the easiest for me prob the same for others.
python gives you more possibilities
I prefer Python they have a lot of modules!
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Ok, but doxing members is not allowed ****here****. Not even for humanitarian reasons. kind thanks my brutha*_*
These are a great ways dude, thanks for sharing it. keep up the great work.
Dabbled in programming a lot over the years. worked with Java and PHP before taking some time off. I've been looking into Python for a while now and it seems pretty solid.
Ok, I highly doubt that any public jailbreak for ios12 will be released in the near future.Smile)

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