What old games do you guys still play?
by Yoghurtingy - March 18, 2019 at 11:43 PM
I'm still playing shit like GTA San Andreas and stuff so it made me wonde what other old games people play.
i love playing hide the sausage which is the oldest game in the world
Age of empire & world of warcraft
Gta sa, postal 2, half life
I'll fire up WoW now and again
I still play Vice City , lmao
Super Mario on my old Nintendo
This might be weird but I like to play the super old games on cartoon network's website lmao. the halloween trick or treat game is a classic
I finished playing all Uncharted games not too long ago and other than that I play Skyrim on my ps4 sometimes. I plan on getting it for the pc as well now that i have a decent pc.

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