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What music do you like to listen to?
Post below the genre of music you enjoy.
Its not OurMineTeam Its OhneMeinTeam cmonnnn
I like listening to EDM, electronic house, etc. Anything that sounds good
I don't mind really mind what music I listen to xP
I just listen to german rap Wink
My favorite genre is Rap, but I listen to music from all genre's.
Idk anything thats good. Rap, Dubstep, Deep House etc.
Ban reason: Doxing RF members || || (Permanent)
Progressive rock, and then random music in Spanish from my country lol I would like to say I listen to classical music, but the most classical I listen to is classical gas
I know this isnt a genre but i really liked this song
I like listening to old jazz, folk, modern academic music
(07-25-2017, 12:05 AM)grannypertwee Wrote:  I like listening to old jazz, folk, modern academic music

What is modern academic music?
usually rock, but if another kind of song has a racist soundbyte (preferably BLACK NIGGERS or KILL NIGGERS) then I am willing to give it a chance

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