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What is your favorite internet browser?
What is your favorite internet browser, and why?

Leave your reply below.
I would have to go with Google Chrome. It's simple, and fast for me. I also been using it for a while now, and just have gotten use to it. I also like the web store it has for the themes and extensions.
FireFox, because all the cool kids use it
i use chromosome
Speed Browser, for sure.  Kappa
firefox because it's highly configurable via about:config and im not part of the chrome botnet
Why internet explorer ofcourse? Isn't that the only working one?
bonzi buddy. its the best one. Kappa
Chrome is my daily driver, but I love Firefox too.
Edge of course, because I'm such a victim of society it only fits to be edgy even in my web searches.

But Google Chrome is my main even though Google pretty much is the dictatorship of the internet.
AOL, Isn't it the fastest one?
I use chrome because I am a basic fag.

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