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What is your favorite VPN?
(08-26-2017, 09:03 AM)mutable Wrote:  I use PrivateInternetAccess myself, it's worked great for years

Vouch for this VPN, it's pretty good.
Wow i used pia for a few months and thought it sucked.
(09-04-2017, 03:27 AM)smil3y Wrote:  Wow i used pia for a few months and thought it sucked.

It's got a pretty basic interface but lots of features and quick speeds which is why I like it.
I use Torguard when I have to use it, its easy to use but it seems like 50% of the sites I try to use already have it blocked.
I have used ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN. Out of the three all of those had fairly good/decent speeds. Right now I am using NordVPN and so far is it great. I love the feature of their "Special Servers". They have different servers for certain things. P2P, Tor, Double VPN, etc. So far I am liking NordVPN more, lots of servers, great speeds for me, bit of customization (Special Servers is the only major thing they have thats cool)
I always use oVPN. It has a nice performance
NordVPN, there was some spreadsheet I saw a while ago that compared most vpn services in a spreadsheet, and NordVPN did pretty well.
i use mullvad, its good and very secure. not very fast though if you want to use it for torrent or something. Might be better if europe based. they take btc and don't need any other info which i like. if you want a good vpn run down google "that one privacy site" and theres a great list from a guy on reddit
i like opera vpn for day to day use, plus its built into my browser. The downfall is you cant torrent if its running, it just starts screaming
I use CrypticVPN right now.
I recommend PIA, Smile Hehe
I currently am not running a PIA but I sometimes crack VyprVPN Pro. It is decently for $5

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