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What is your favorite VPN?
SecurityKISS is an amazing vpn that I use Smile
Kaspersky do a really good cheap one
ZorroVPN, it's expensive but has some nice features.
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TunnelBear, no doubt.
NordVPN is the best i know of
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Very useful topic i was just about to research for a free vpn
I've used 'Private Internet Access' and never had any problems with it. I'd recommend that
My research way back when ended with "don't use free ones."

Windscribe is pretty good. Also sometimes humblebundle has software bundles and usually it includes a subscription to a VPN for a year. Pretty easy way to only pay $5 for a VPN.

(08-14-2017, 01:28 PM)tintin123 Wrote:  I've used 'Private Internet Access' and never had any problems with it. I'd recommend that

This is what I use. I recommend it.
i use openvpn idk if thats what you were asking
i've always used CyberGhost

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