What is the worst thing you've seen on the internet?
by ogq - December 05, 2016 at 11:01 PM
i think animal cruelty. really.

nothing bugs me, except animal cruelty

some russians stabbing themselves
"Worst" is very subjective here lmaoo
Someone hanging and shooting a dog and laughing about it two psychotic girls from somewhere in the EU they were actually pretty hot but fuck man way too psycho and just plain wrong what they did.
some smashing they penis with a hammer and cutting it with earings
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Tumblr. Tumblr mentally scarred me for life. I no longer care about anything else, I want to gain compensation from Tumblr.
Few cruel morons torturin dogs..
well, the worst thing I've ever seen is a video with violent content. I was disturbed for the whole day.
Blue waffle, the mother of all waffles.
(December 05, 2016 at 11:01 PM)ogq Wrote: I've seen some murder videos hit on the deep web. That's the worst

Sadistic.pl if you like this shit Wink
Pretty much just people dying is terible terrible ways
Daisy's Destruction imo.

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