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What is the weirdest pyramid scheme you've heard of?
They seem to be literally everywhere, and are kind of interesting!
cryptocoin cloud mining companies, albeit they are not pyramid schemes, but ponzi schemes.
Did anyone see that Vema drink scheme that was going around like 5 years ago?
I don't know if it still exists, but it had college freshman and high school seniors by the balls.
Pay-for-networking opp. You get paid for introducing nobodies.
Those super old egyptian pyramids. Still can't imagine how they could build them.
All pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes. mind game with money
HI bro, pyramid scheme is the basics of human communities. Or not ?
Captain, can you explain the difference between 'Ponzi' and 'Pyramid' schemes, please? I'm five, you know!
bitconnect is one of a pyramid

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