What is the best reply to give?
by mschosting - September 17, 2021 at 04:45 AM
The problem is the legit proxy providers like webshare bright data and others after a few days using the service detect what we are doing and they send this:

Acceptable Use Verification Required
In order to stay compliant, we need additional verification from your account regards to proxy use
In order to complete the verification, please click on the button below. Your verification requires the following information
Detailed explanation of your proxy use-case. Please let us know how and why you use the proxies

Just paid for a full month it's kinda bad to get banned in 2 days :Smile
What is the best reply in this cases?

I sent them some bullshit like iam learning python and those requests where made because was scrapping for some specific information but was nothing illegal just regular data for personal use, I used the proxies because the website is georestricted. And sent too many requests because was testing the proxies Smile
Iam 90% sure by tomorrow or in 2 days top will get terminated, have you had similar experiences? What is the best reply to give?
(September 17, 2021 at 04:47 AM)Rogram Wrote: By proxy do you mean a sock or a vpn?

socks, dont even know why someone would need to use so many socks for a legitimte purpose

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