What is earth
by DeadCat2 - February 15, 2016 at 08:08 PM
Earth is our manifested spiritual oneness of all living things as we know it
(February 15, 2016 at 08:22 PM)DrCocktor Wrote: Earth is our manifested spiritual oneness of all living things as we know it

[Image: ngM6z.gif]

Earth is a planet where "Inteligent" creatures thought it was a great idea to allow 11 year olds on the internet.
The Earth is round

There is no God
There is no god
There is only pupu [Image: lMzrUPA.png]
(February 16, 2016 at 11:24 PM)Sibez Wrote: There is no god
There is only pupu [Image: lMzrUPA.png]

roses are red violets are blue pupu is a fag so are you
Earth is a gift that we got...what do we do with it? Yeah we are being autistic nice isnt it how we are wasting such a rare thing
Making stupid threads like these will only make me closer to King Nigger, faggot.

And the Earth is a stupid ball of metals and shit that was fucking lucky enough to be just far away enough from The Sun to not have all of it's water vaporized but not too far away for it to be frozen solid and then because of some primordial, Pokémon shit some DNA started to appear in the water and that shit made bacteria and the bacteria became turned into a little more complicated fucks and those slightly complicated fucks turned into some sort of fish things and then the fucking fishes turned into like frogs and lizards and shit, then the dinosaurs came and then birds came from dinosaurs and so did monkeys but we came from monkeys, I guess, so yeah.
earth is a dream, there's nobody other than teh one and only Illuminati. Earth has 5 letters it has one sister 5-1-1 = 3 there's 3 sides to a triangle, the Illuminati is a triange. Illuminati confirmed?
It's a floating ball of silicon and carbon hovering in a small system within the dark and infinite oblivion we call our universe.
As a collective humanity is hardly a sperm cell in the scale of the entirety of existence.
However, contradictory to what the ancient Chinese believed, Raid Forums is indeed the center of the universe. The pinnacle of existence.
We are the mitochondria, the power house of the sperm cell Keepo
so in the end earth is round k.

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