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What genre do you listen the most
Negro Music, and some other crap
Country music cause Alabama
i can listen all types of music but I prefer jazz and classic right now
hardrock, metal, though I can find something I enjoy in pretty much every genre
sad trap and trap in general, no nigger gang gang shit but more chill stuff like night lovell and stuff like that.
I listen to Grime/Rap personally. Sometimes I listen to the occasional Fozzy and Queen, but thats it really.
Rap, Rap and Rap. Oh i forgot, your momma smells like fish ay lmao.
Bump lets see moreeeeeeeeee
I listen to Classic rock mostly.
Anyone like Grunge, like Mudhoney, Green River, the Melvins, Nirvana (before in utero, what a peice of shit) and the other real shit, not fucking Bush and STP bs? Alice in Chains is cool but they were more metal than grunge.
Been more into hip hop lately, this is my new shit.

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