What game are you playing?
by couplebands - May 12, 2019 at 06:09 AM
I just got back into minecraft, I dont know if I should keep on playing it or find a different game. Let me know what game you're currently playing Smile
I quit playing games a while ago but my favorite is ark, I became one with the dinosaurs.
Been playing a lot of old school runescape, I'm addicted to it rn can't stop playing.
GTA Online again, keep going back to it, nearly 6 years old.
Still Hitman 2, over a hundred hours now. Shit's getting ridiculous.
Mainly Days Gone. I don't really play much anymore.

love apex ;D
CSGO mainly, its exam season.
thinking of buying cod atm im not playing anything
I play alot of Fortntie competetive cause its fun gg
Cs, r6s, destiny2
To be honest, I don't play so much anymore but sometimes I get back to Tibia. Shoutout to everyone that knows what Tibia is.

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