What do you think happens when we die?
by moot - August 30, 2021 at 08:36 PM
Could be religion or any other theories; personally I think death is the endgame, but we really just don’t know.
Biological life just ends, brain and other cells die in some minutes.
It's nice to think that there is more but scientifically talking it's very difficult....
I think we turn into ghosts that just watch everyone for the rest of their life but you can interact with different things in various ways that normal people just don't notice.
I am atheist but if found few scientific proofs of reincarnation with early stage memories. So maybe its not endgame
Wild animals enter the city, Vegetation covers everywhere, Jungle-glacial-desert covers the whole Earth, New Ecosystem is established.
Back in 2019 when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I had surgery where they would cut a piece of my colon out, they convinced me that it will be simple butchery, yet I died on the operating table, I fell into something septic shock (google it) because shit leaked in my body and made total infection making organs fail to work, and my whole body shut down, eventually, brain too and ofc they RIP me (idk for how long at that moment, but my brain reset fast). While I was in that state I can only tell you that I met both evil and good energies (don't wanna call them God(s) or anything, but some entities do exist, at first I felt horrible and I was in total agony and fear it felt like hell, I could still feel my physical being somehow attached to me, to be honest, I wasn't aware that my body was shut down at the moment ofc, but later (ill skip full story cuz no one wanna listen to that) I felt floating,guhh how to explain it, imagine a huge well, and a million souls around it floating and falling into the darkness, above me there was something else floating, just watching me, no clue what, I just know I was falling slow super slow into that darkness, and in one moment I felt some hand reaching out to me and pulling me back up, then I saw nothing, I woke up in a hospital shock room, and I wasn't aware what I've been thru hell. Of course, doctors didn't want to tell me anything, they let my mother in because I was kinda younger ofc, she also didn't say to me that I fell into septic shock and had totally shut down, apparently, I found out later that i was in a coma for 15 days or so, fully shut down, they had to connect robots for each and every organ I have in my body, so 1 organ = 1 robot working for me, to survive, idk about the brain tho, they said statistically i had 1.8% chance to survive and I did, but that's not the point, the point is you asked the question:"what happens when we die"

One thing is for sure: life after death exists because I felt it, I know both evil and good energies are there so I assume that has to do with hell and heaven, now I really don't wanna go into heavy details but that's just my personal "fresh" experience that still traumatizes me till this day. Before that I never felt any spiritual energy or "god" or evil idk, I wouldn't even call myself an atheist back then, just total nothingness in me, and after what happened to me...I pray every day now and I thank God for giving me another day that I can spend with my mother, for food that I have and friends that are here. Rest assured when you die, something happens but it is not the end, and yes both evil and good are there (the evil and the good that we as humans experience in our current life), I felt that evil presence and I wish I will never experience it again. I didn't talk about this with anyone because no one will believe me or understand it, you can take my short version of a story as a shit post but I'm telling you, once you die, it is NOT the end, something is coming for you, good or bad (in our human words) I don't know, but I felt both fear (from horrors) and bliss (when that hand pulled me up). I am not afraid of death anymore, I am afraid of living this shit life that I've been brought back to do, so i really just try to enjoy small things.

Sorry for the long post tho. Whatever you do in this life, the results of it are waiting for you when this "physical" world is over, i just hope those fear energies I felt will never be a part of your death..
i think it's the same thing as before we were born. just nothingness.
^like above

There will be just emptiness without any interaction
What happens when your computers dies. The same, we are a complex biochemical machines, there is nothing special in humans.
probably absolutely nothing
Nothing, you are suspended in the moment you die in forever, so either an eternity of pain, loss, grief, longing etc.
(August 31, 2021 at 09:48 AM)thinker1 Wrote: What happens when your computers dies. The same, we are a complex biochemical machines, there is nothing special in humans.

I think Stephen Hawking pointed this out well by saying that there was no heaven for computers.

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