What do you think about the web's security now?
by Kualifier - October 15, 2021 at 12:41 PM
Do you believe true security will ever be achieved, A.K.A no more databases being leaked, websites being hacked, will there ever be a system that will truly secure a website from everyone?
Sekarang penilaian ku berbeda terhadap keamanan situs internet. Sepertinya tidak begitu spesial. Mungkin karena tidak begitu mengerti. Mungkin karena peretas jauh lebih profesional daripada administrator jaringan. Sejauh ini masih mengamati siapa sebenarnya yang lebih ahli.
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No. People are careless. makes mistakes.
Pressured to deliver.
go live.
left something unchecked/checked. compromised.
No. People are careless. makes mistakes.

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