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What do you think about france?
by bendour - February 28, 2017 at 11:48 PM
They retreat whenever its possible, but who doesnt like a nice nudist french girl ? hu!??!
(March 12, 2017 at 03:13 PM)SwedensDaughter Wrote: They retreat whenever its possible, but who doesnt like a nice nudist french girl ? hu!??!

How much time I spent standing in the water to hide my boners, jesus christ some of those southern french girls are just amazing
Every french person i've encountered with were either:
1. Really smart
2. Had broken english and wasn't intelligent in the slightest
It's filled with parasite middle easterners and there's a terrorist attack every week.
I was several times in France..
- Migrants... Ugly mother fuckers. Sorry but this real. They piss/ trade ilegal things and etc. Don't mess with them
- A lot of pickpockets (migrants mostly) in public/travel sight
- Driving a car in France, after about a month in Germany was - crazy thing for me.

+ Wine & food
+ Girls
(February 28, 2017 at 11:48 PM)bendour Wrote: Hey guys i'm french and i was wandering what about other country think about france

I think France is a beautiful city. I love it's middle eastern architecture and beautiful mosques. Also arabic sounds like a very mysterious language!
JK i think France is a lost cause when it comes to the cities. It's countryside is still truly French thankfully, and you can meet the kindest people there
i think u country need more security bro
2nd most powerfull passport in the world after germany.. what not to like..
be proud of being french!
There a minority making a country bad.
Nothing more.
I dont like America, I respect England. I dont know, France is in somewhere between America and England for me...
frenhc cheese
french vanilla
french KISS

in my country there is the prejudice that french people want only talk in french. Because of that nobody seems to like french people

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