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What do you guys use your databases for?
by blockyyy - June 10, 2018 at 06:42 AM
Try and find certain people on it. Comes in handy for revenge
i use them to cure my cancer the more i have the more im healthy
people say use to earn money and sometimes big money
well i like to be a collector LOL :D
fuck around and annoy people
Educating my e-dick to help it grow another 13 inches
I like to compare combos and mass of collection.
the purpose of dbs is to show niggas the gr3p
I need them to search for information.
for education purposes.... lol
For research purposes ... !
I can say what I don't do... for example, I don't use it on checkers and then put on an account shop for sale. I don't. That's not cool and illegal in most places.

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