What do you guys think makes Netlfix adaptations soo bad?
by Forgotten435 - April 28, 2021 at 11:49 PM
Most, if not all Anime Netflix adaptations are beyond terrible, but I can't really pin down one specific thing they do exceptionally wrong, it's just so chaotic. What do you all think Netflix movies like "Death Note" do so wrong?
Stuff like death note isn’t easy to translate into a movie in itself, but I think one of the issues was the directors might not of watched the anime & were just given a general overview of the plot & storyline and then they made their own thing
They dont put any efford into production.
they are designed for younger and western audience rather than japanese
Well, the producers and writers are obviously out of touch with what makes Japanese cultures adaption in the animes unique and why it's so sought-after by westerners. Even if they manage to get the plot and the story line across the details of the characters and their relatability are really hard to depict.
Wow this brings back memories. I watched a few episodes of Shaman King way back.
Never knew this anime was getting a remake.
I'll definitely be checking this out later, thanks man.
That's the one! Usually if i reply to an anime post, he pops up, just to ask how i am...
I think netflix must buy the OLD series and not create series.
Anime takes some of its cues from Western culture or at least themes...then it goes West..and Netflix makes/remakes it now from Western view on Japanese culture. Some stuff gets mangled in the process.
Personally I don't mind some of the remakes, while others are bad.
1. Bad CGI.
2. Conforming to zoomer fucktards complaints about gender/race equality and fucking with character casting.
3. Producers obviously watch a cliffnotes version and try and adapt the series without taking into consideration the nuances that make the series what it is.
4. Since it's a short movie a lot of the backstory is rushed and then you don't develop a bond with the characters.
because netflix never made any good movies to begin with haha
I mean the Witcher wasn't TOO bad, and Castlevania was pretty awesome. They can make good stuff, just when they don't do a complete fucktard SJW move.

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